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  • Where the Magic Happens

    Where the Magic Happens

    …in all the fantasy books. I mean it’s supposed to look like this, right. The protagonist and his troupe of intrepid do-gooders traipsing through pristine mountainous wilderness. Very high suitability index here for all kinds of dragons, monsters and do-gooders. Based on a Google drive (not to be confused with Google Drive) through some remote…

  • What Wonders Lie Ahead

    What Wonders Lie Ahead

    I made it. I finished my (modified) New Year’s Resolution for 2023. I made one painting per month. Yes yes. I understand that some people make a painting per day for a whole year. But in 2022 I made zero paintings, so I am starting from where I am starting from. Also, fuck off. And…

  • Starbringer


    A day may come when I chose to eschew glowy floating bits in my monthly painting! But it is not this day! Anyway. Feel like I am getting a little closer to the style I always wanted to paint in (anatomical quibbles notwithstanding). My Cintiq has been in the shop. Had to use my old…