Where the Magic Happens

…in all the fantasy books. I mean it’s supposed to look like this, right. The protagonist and his troupe of intrepid do-gooders traipsing through pristine mountainous wilderness. Very high suitability index here for all kinds of dragons, monsters and do-gooders.

Based on a Google drive (not to be confused with Google Drive) through some remote corner of the world near the Russia/Mongolia border. Yes that is what I do in my spare time. Just take virtual drives down remote roads with Google Street View. It’s actually one of the few geographer-like things that I do, as a professional geographer.

Oh hey perfect opportunity to do something wild and different–insert a photo into my post. Scandalous. Here’s one of the screengrabs I used as a reference:

And if you want to get really nerdy, you can check it out yourself:

51°56’60″N 100°48’22″E

Just hit the link and drop yourself down in Street View and you can drive up and down the road. It’s a really breathtaking location. Very remote and probably insanely cold in winter but that’s why it’s remote, right. Also bugs. Probably. Lots.

But it was good inspiration when I had nothing else to go on for a painting this month. No ideas for next month either. Yet.