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  • Firebringer


    Update: Uploaded. I added glowy bits too. I have a painting for June, I swear I do. It’s maybe not the most stellar painting ever, but I finished it a half an hour ago and if not for being in an internet outage for the last five days, I’d be able to upload it. So…

  • Welp.

    May was busy, OK? I was helping at the flower shop for Mother’s Day; then for the balance of the month had to move out of my house. I mean, I asked to move out of my house (rental); landlady just found a new renter instantaneously. So there’s no painting. Tomorrow will literally be the…

  • Where the Magic Happens

    Where the Magic Happens

    …in all the fantasy books. I mean it’s supposed to look like this, right. The protagonist and his troupe of intrepid do-gooders traipsing through pristine mountainous wilderness. Very high suitability index here for all kinds of dragons, monsters and do-gooders. Based on a Google drive (not to be confused with Google Drive) through some remote…

  • Don’t Make a Sound

    Don’t Make a Sound

    Miniature ice dragon mama vs wily wizard with a magical codex…or an iPad. It was supposed to be a magical codex. But it’s hard not to see it it as an iPad. I mean, I guess an iPad fundamentally is a magical codex, right? It all comes out in the wash.

  • April, Such As It Is

    April, Such As It Is

    I swear I did more this month than one shitty landscape painting. I was going to finish one main painting and then have a shitty landscape painting as a bonus. Then I decided to go on vacation at the last minute. Main painting didn’t get finished. So, welp, here we are April 30th; shitty landscape…

  • Compulsory I-Have-A-New-Blog Post

    Yep that is what this is. Happy New Year btw. Better make the most of your New Year’s Resolutions this year; the next time January 1st is on a Sunday is 2034.