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  • Firebringer


    Update: Uploaded. I added glowy bits too. I have a painting for June, I swear I do. It’s maybe not the most stellar painting ever, but I finished it a half an hour ago and if not for being in an internet outage for the last five days, I’d be able to upload it. So…

  • Welp.

    May was busy, OK? I was helping at the flower shop for Mother’s Day; then for the balance of the month had to move out of my house. I mean, I asked to move out of my house (rental); landlady just found a new renter instantaneously. So there’s no painting. Tomorrow will literally be the…

  • Tidings of Spring

    Tidings of Spring

    The April 8, 2024 total solar eclipse happened at just the right time and in just the right place. For me, anyway. Early April in Wisconsin, USA is bleak and brown. So parking on a lonely country road somewhere west of St. Louis the evening of April 7th, to take my dog for a walk,…

  • Where the Magic Happens

    Where the Magic Happens

    …in all the fantasy books. I mean it’s supposed to look like this, right. The protagonist and his troupe of intrepid do-gooders traipsing through pristine mountainous wilderness. Very high suitability index here for all kinds of dragons, monsters and do-gooders. Based on a Google drive (not to be confused with Google Drive) through some remote…

  • Don’t Make a Sound

    Don’t Make a Sound

    Miniature ice dragon mama vs wily wizard with a magical codex…or an iPad. It was supposed to be a magical codex. But it’s hard not to see it it as an iPad. I mean, I guess an iPad fundamentally is a magical codex, right? It all comes out in the wash.

  • Humbled


    Someday, I will have time to do Things. Untill then this so-called blog is still an unfinished mess and most of my images (I realize in retrospect) need to be tweaked, re-exported and replaced here. Oh and the “gallery” I haven’t finished. Oh and actually putting stuff on ArtStation. And figuring out how really to…

  • What Wonders Lie Ahead

    What Wonders Lie Ahead

    I made it. I finished my (modified) New Year’s Resolution for 2023. I made one painting per month. Yes yes. I understand that some people make a painting per day for a whole year. But in 2022 I made zero paintings, so I am starting from where I am starting from. Also, fuck off. And…

  • Here Come the Holidays

    Here Come the Holidays

    Seems like a year ago, but it was only last month, on Halloween, that I popped over to Dad’s house for a visit in the evening, and noticed for the first time that something was a little amiss. Less than two weeks later, on November 13th, he passed peacefully at the hospital in Neenah, WI…

  • Pumpkin Seeds

    Pumpkin Seeds

    Will post more later. Just publishing the picture.

  • Beyond the Crone Tree

    Beyond the Crone Tree

    The fact that, commercially, the Christmas Season starts the day after Halloween? NOT OKAY. The fact that, commercially, the Halloween Season starts the day after Labor Day? YOU’RE GODSDAMNED RIGHT. Because Halloween is the most perfect of holidays. I’ll be doing another Halloween pic next month, better than this one (I hope). This one was…

  • Starbringer


    A day may come when I chose to eschew glowy floating bits in my monthly painting! But it is not this day! Anyway. Feel like I am getting a little closer to the style I always wanted to paint in (anatomical quibbles notwithstanding). My Cintiq has been in the shop. Had to use my old…

  • The Magic of Summer

    The Magic of Summer

    I liked my glowy squirrel so much I decided to do a glowy deer. Fawn. Because June. Except of course I needed a month to paint it so it’s July. All the fawns are by now, of course, quite a bit bigger than this. And of course many do not survive longer than their first…

  • Who Will Bear the Burden?

    Who Will Bear the Burden?

    Yes, I realize. I promised a Giant Irish Elk. I delivered a Squirrel. But—he is a very consequential squirrel. I mean he’s a Shaman Squirrel. That has to count for something. And I meant to get to the Elk. However, as it turns out, this year’s June came with only 30 days in it. Plans…

  • The Forest Kings

    The Forest Kings

    Many painstaking hours went into this attempt to achieve the look and feel of a genuine one-hour speed painting. Pretty sure that failed (not in a good way). Still need to work on making things look less photoshop-y. Also on spending fewer than five days on a given painting. Also on starting more than five…

  • April, Such As It Is

    April, Such As It Is

    I swear I did more this month than one shitty landscape painting. I was going to finish one main painting and then have a shitty landscape painting as a bonus. Then I decided to go on vacation at the last minute. Main painting didn’t get finished. So, welp, here we are April 30th; shitty landscape…

  • Harbinger


    Update: Finished and uploaded new copy of the image. Burning bits floating around like I had in my head actually turned out pretty well. Also figured out how to use the Rebelle Escape Motions Connect plugin and work with a given layer in Photoshop. Not quite finished with this yet but here we are at…

  • Legacy Art: Grim

    Legacy Art: Grim

    Finally had time to work a bit on the blog this week (I say to myself, since I don’t even have an SSL cert yet and Google warns all that their machine will be nuked if they set foot in this blog). I have a hero! Need to finish configuring gallery and need more than…

  • Cheerful Councel

    Cheerful Councel

    February’s painting. I like ungulates.

  • Lighting the Sky

    Lighting the Sky

    Well, so much for one painting a week in 2023. (What did I say about New Year’s Resolutions?) As it turns out, No, because Stuff. I need a hero. Image. That’s what this is for. I’ll make it the hero as soon as I figure out how to do that in WordPress 6 Editor. Very…

  • Compulsory I-Have-A-New-Blog Post

    Yep that is what this is. Happy New Year btw. Better make the most of your New Year’s Resolutions this year; the next time January 1st is on a Sunday is 2034.