Update: Uploaded. I added glowy bits too.

I have a painting for June, I swear I do. It’s maybe not the most stellar painting ever, but I finished it a half an hour ago and if not for being in an internet outage for the last five days, I’d be able to upload it. So that’s just going to have to wait.

I feel like I have another somethingbringer painting in here somewhere. Maybe it was one of the other unicorns and it’ll match, and it’ll almost seem like it was on purpose.

I’m moving to Spokane. Like you care. Should be there sometime in August. Going to try to do another painting or two before actually hauling my ass across the country. Once there, I’ll have time to make up for missing May’s painting. Should have all the time in the world, once I get settled in.

I let my SSL cert expire. So instead of just being very sure that nobody else is on this site, now I’m absolutely positive. No point in paying for it when it’s just me talking to myself. Maybe at some point I’ll figure out Instagram and all the other sites, and get a follower. Honestly I’d be happy with just one.

Anyway, yeah.