Beyond the Crone Tree

The fact that, commercially, the Christmas Season starts the day after Halloween? NOT OKAY. The fact that, commercially, the Halloween Season starts the day after Labor Day? YOU’RE GODSDAMNED RIGHT.

Because Halloween is the most perfect of holidays.

I’ll be doing another Halloween pic next month, better than this one (I hope). This one was rushed (bear in mind that “rushed” for me still means I took three days to paint it). Little more consideration for composition in the next one. Though, for a one-layer rush job it turned out acceptably.

Cintiq is back. Not my old one. The lovely Wacom folks apparently could not figure out what was wrong with mine either, and out of exasperation, just sent me a brand spankin’ new one. Fabulous. Still causes all USB ports on my Dell Precision 5280 to freeze intermittently. Not fabulous. Has to be drivers not playing nicely. Prolly means a new machine (not this config, which I already tested) is in order.

If gov’t shuts down for weeks and I have a lot of time on my hands (yay fed job), I’ll try for 2 paintings in October, 1 Halloween, 1 fall foliage. I know, I know, because I have been so successful in finishing 1 painting/month in a timely manner. 🙄