Who Will Bear the Burden?

Yes, I realize. I promised a Giant Irish Elk. I delivered a Squirrel.

But—he is a very consequential squirrel. I mean he’s a Shaman Squirrel. That has to count for something. And I meant to get to the Elk. However, as it turns out, this year’s June came with only 30 days in it. Plans completely derailed.

So what, you ask, is with the Shaman Squirrel? Just what is the Burden anyway and what’s the Blue Glowy Thing? No idea. I mean I’m sure he knows. Shaman Squirrels are very wise, after all.

Anyway, since we are almost officially halfway through the year, and I’m still careening along at the blistering pace of one painting per month (which is, you know, six more paintings than I had this time last year), I treated myself and got an SSL certificate. Now I can at least properly fantasize about wayward web wanderers showing up at my blog (even if such delusions are not properly reflected in reality).

Next step I guess is to upload some of these to some site where IRL persons may actually venture, e.g. ArtStation. Though, that opens up the potential for derision and ridicule (or, worse, utter deafening silence), so I’ll probably procrastinate on it for another few months.