Update: Finished and uploaded new copy of the image. Burning bits floating around like I had in my head actually turned out pretty well. Also figured out how to use the Rebelle Escape Motions Connect plugin and work with a given layer in Photoshop.

Not quite finished with this yet but here we are at the 11th hour (okay the 9th hour technically). I’ll put on the finishing touches tomorrow and re-upload. Was going to stay up late to finish but with the spring storm and not really trusting the electric in my grandma’s house not to fry my laptop…nah.

Am reminded that my purpose in painting this year is not to paint nice pictures. It’s to practice and get better so in a year or two I’ll be painting nice pictures. (Not taking an entire month to do it would also be nice.) In a year or two I’ll look back at these pictures at the very front of my blog and think, egads, I’ve come a long way at least. But the pictures will be here to look at.

Maybe in April I’ll get myself an SSL cert. Wasn’t going to bother until I’d gotten a few pictures finished and uploaded.