Legacy Art: Grim

Finally had time to work a bit on the blog this week (I say to myself, since I don’t even have an SSL cert yet and Google warns all that their machine will be nuked if they set foot in this blog). I have a hero!

Need to finish configuring gallery and need more than two images for that, so figured I may as well start with uploading a piece of two of my old artwork, you know, the stuff done with real (expensive) watercolors and real (expensive) paper and a palette and everything (as opposed to, you know, a real (expensive) graphics tablet).

Probably won’t be uploading much content like this, because frankly most of it isn’t very good. But there are a couple of pieces I don’t mind adding, this being one. This is Grim, an OC from a story I was crazy enough to spend writing a few years back. Working on another raven painting at the moment and had to dig it out for reference anyway.